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Donkey Sausage

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Donkey sausage made with at least 80% lean.
Pure pork natural sausage made with at least 80% lean. This sausage is offered dry to very dry. It is composed of pork meat, donkey meat at 19%, salt, spices and herbs, ferments. We make our sausages in natural pig casings. All our sausages are covered with a beautiful noble white flower.
Allergen: Lactose

Donkey meat, with a more pronounced taste than that of other animals, will be appreciated by all. Added to pork, the original flavor of donkey meat provides unusual results that sausage lovers greatly appreciate.

Donkey sausage: an original touch of local flavors
Donkey meat is not a very widespread product, it is rather an exotic delicacy. Also known as donkey meat, donkey meat comes from the common donkey, or Equus asinus. Donkey meat was part of the staple diet a few centuries ago, especially among less well-off populations. Nowadays, the sale of this meat has experienced a commercial boom, in connection with the development of rural tourism, and the search for a specifically local taste on the part of seasoned consumers.

Presentation ideas
Donkey meat has a slightly more pronounced characteristic taste than that found in horse sausage. Your guests will be able to appreciate the originality of donkey sausage, presented on a charcuterie platter. This piece of sausage is ideal for tasting as an aperitif, as this unusual meat will enrich the flavors. Your friends and family members will ask for more! You could also add wild boar sausage and deer sausage to create a theme of game and local flavors. Serve the donkey sausage with red wine, such as Châtillon en Diois (from the Rhône Valley).

Like most dry sausages, donkey sausage is made primarily from lean pork, with around 20% donkey meat. The donkey sausage is stuffed in a natural pork casing. A fungus (called penicillium) grows on the gut of the sausage: this is called the “natural flower”. This mushroom actually allows the particular aromas to extend into the prized meat of the donkey sausage.

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Donkey Sausage

Donkey Sausage

Donkey sausage made with at least 80% lean.

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