Smoked sausage

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Pure smoked pork sausage with a minimum of 80% leanness. The sausages are 180 grams.

Pure smoked pork sausage with a minimum of 80% leanness. This sausage has reached a drying time of at least 21 days, so it can be offered to you dry to very dry. It is composed of pork, salt, spices and aromatics, ferments. We make our sausages in natural pig casings. Traditional smoking colors the sausage, however a white flower forms over time.
Allergen: Lactose

What could be better than a pork sausage, enjoyed on a hike, or in good company during an aperitif! Composed primarily of lean pork and a lower proportion of pork fat, it is sure to appeal to all meat lovers.

As in the old days ...

Several centuries ago, the smoking of cold meats proved to be a guarantee for the preservation of meat. These ancestral practices have been passed down from generation to generation, and even today, pork sausage remains a pleasure for the table. Pure pork sausage is appreciated for its distinctive aroma and soft texture, which enthusiasts adore so much. The pink color of the pork sausage is sprinkled with small touches of white grains of fat. The lactic fermentation typical of dry sausages contributes to the particular taste of the sausage.

The art of maturing pork sausage

Like cheese, pork sausage is a maturing and air-drying product. Pure pork sausage is made from pork. Of course, the judicious choice of meat, as well as the coarse mincing step, contributes to an optimal quality of the sausage. Coarsely chopped, the lean pork is then macerated in a lactic ferment. This bacterium develops fungi, which are essential for the preservation of sausage. The processed meat is then presented in natural pork casings. Steaming, that is, in a room where the heat is regulated, takes long hours. The pure pork sausages are then dried for several weeks (for example, between 21 and 45 days). There is something to delight gourmets!


Composed of 80% lean pork and 20% pork fat, pork sausage also contains spices, salt and sugars (lactose, dextrose, and sucrose). Embossing is done with natural pork casing. As for the preservatives, these are ferments and saltpetre.

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