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Pure pork sausage with hazelnuts with a minimum of 80% leanness. The sausages are 180 grams.

Pure pork sausage with hazelnuts with a minimum of 80% leanness. This sausage is offered dry to very dry. It is composed of pork, salt, spices and aromatics, ferments. The hazelnuts are whole and not rancid. We make our sausages in natural pig casings. All our sausages are covered with a beautiful noble white flower.
Allergen: Lactose

Hazelnut sausage on the menu

The hazelnut consists of a shelled fruit. In the 12th century, it was called "sewing", deriving from the Latin corylus which meant "helmet" or "hood". The current term “hazelnut” first appeared in 1280. Hazelnuts have strong antioxidant properties and are excellent for health. When making this sausage, whole hazelnuts are incorporated into the mixture, before the sausage embossing step. During the drying period, the aromas of the hazelnuts are released in the sausage.

Presentation ideas

The hazelnut sausage is an ideal partner for an aperitif. It's deliciously simple with a baguette for a quick bite to eat. This sausage can even serve as an accompaniment to dishes, such as raclette. Presented in thin slices on fresh bread, a piece of butter and pickles, it provides a pleasant tasty sensation. Hazelnut sausage goes very well with sandwiches, country entrees and snacks.


The hazelnut sausage is made up of at least 80% lean pork. Other ingredients are used in its manufacture: salt, spices, herbs, ferments. Natural pork casings are used for this sausage, which is also covered with a noble white flower.

Allergenic elements

In addition to dairy-based ferments, which help to promote the preservation of this product, there are hazelnuts, which are part of the oleaginous nuts (i.e. walnuts). However, some people may be allergic more specifically to hazelnuts.

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