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Pure pork sausage with Beaufort cheese based on 80% minimum lean.

Pure pork sausage with Beaufort cheese based on 80% minimum lean. This sausage is offered dry to very dry. It is composed of pork, salt, spices and herbs, ferments. We make our sausages in natural pig casings. All our sausages are covered with a beautiful noble white flower. This sausage is made from a minimum of 7% Beaufort cheese.
Allergen: Lactose

Beaufort cheese is renowned for its fruity taste. It is a flagship product of Savoyard cuisine. The combination of a mountain sausage and this characterful cheese is an exceptional product. The aromatic elements of the rich alpine flora transfer from the cheese to the sausage.

Beaufort sausage: an exquisite marriage of flavors

Beaufort dry sausage is made from lean pork, according to typical French tradition. Added to this is the fruity taste of Savoyard cheese, which enhances the sausage with its floral aromas. The marriage between old-fashioned coarse minced meat and pressed cooked raw milk cheese from Savoie results in a soft and melting flesh in the mouth. The whole thing provides a very subtle taste, reminiscent of alpine flower fields. This sausage, traditionally made in Haute-Savoie, contains pork meat and Beaufort cheese (about 6%). The other ingredients consist of salt, as well as spices and herbs, such as pepper, garlic and nutmeg. Preservatives, such as ferments and saltpeter, promote the development of a beautiful white flower, in addition to ensuring that the sausage is easily preserved.

Sausages with cheese

The particular taste of Beaufort sausage makes it one of the most sought-after products. In addition to the Beaufort sausage, there are other types of sausage made with cheese, such as goat cheese. Another dish using a cheese from the Savoie region, the "tartiflette", consists of a potato gratin made mainly of potatoes, bacon bits and onions. Reblochon cheese from Savoie is melted on top. It takes its name from the word potato in Savoyard language: tartifla.

What great stories about Beaufort!

This French cheese is made with raw cow's milk. Its paste is pressed and cooked in Savoie, in a territory including the Beaufortin region, from which it takes its name. The smooth rind is orange-yellow in color. The interior of the cheese is smooth and firm in texture, with a color ranging from ivory to pale yellow. Beaufort cheese is presented in flat wheels, the edge of which is concave. The manufacture of this cheese dates back several centuries, when a people of Celts, called the Ceutrons, occupied the region. The cheese was then called vatusicum and it was made with the milk of small cows. This region was annexed around the year 20 BC to the Roman Empire. There are two possible explanations for the concave shape of the wheel of this cheese. During ripening, this particular shape prevents the cheese from collapsing. The herds of cows, which graze in the mountains, are more than 1,500 meters above sea level. With the concave shape of the cheese, it was easier to bind the wheels with a rope and attach them to the back of a mule, to begin the long descent on foot from the pasture to the sides of the mountain.

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