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Pure pork sausage with pepper based on 80% minimum lean. The sausages are 180 grams.

Pure pork sausage with pepper based on 80% minimum lean. This sausage is offered dry to very dry. It is composed of pork, salt, spices and aromatics, ferments. We make our sausages in natural pig casings.
Allergen: Lactose

This sausage can be enjoyed as an aperitif, as a starter with friends or family, can also be taken on a picnic, etc.

Making the pure pork pepper sausage

Our pepper sausages are made with pork and in the purest tradition. We use 80% minimum lean pork to make these wonderful cold cuts. To this meat, we add spices, salt, ferments and aromatics. Each piece is made in natural pork casing and is then passed through pepper or pepper inside. The pepper is then either distributed entirely over the surface of the sausage, or with pepper inside. The latter then permeates the taste of pepper during drying for several weeks.

How to taste this sausage?

This pepper sausage can be enjoyed in two ways. For the sausage coated with pepper, either the skin is removed but the pepper is removed at the same time. On the other hand, we taste the sausage with just fragrant pork meat. For those who prefer pepper, leave the skin on and taste the sausage as presented. Either way, it's a real treat. To assert the unique taste of this charcuterie, it is advisable to eat it with fresh country bread and to drink a fairly heavy red wine such as Bordeaux or Burgundy.

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