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Pure pork sausage with herbs made from at least 80% lean meat. French meat. The sausages are 180 g more or less and are offered to you linked in pairs like on our drying racks.

Pure pork sausage with herbs made from at least 80% lean meat. This sausage is available dry to very dry. It is composed of pork, salt, spices and aromatics, ferments. We make our sausages in natural pig casings.

Allergen: Lactose

Composition and ingredients

This sausage is made from pure pork (80% lean), salt, spices, herbs and ferments. Only natural casings are used in manufacturing. This is a sausage varying from dry to very dry.

The taste of herb sausage

The herb sausage has a mild taste of Provence herbs. You will find the sweet smell of the south of France with this sausage. It comes from a traditional manufacturing process in Ardèche, in addition to being coated with a mixture of Provençal herbs, such as thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil and savory. During drying, the flavors of the herbs permeate into the flesh, giving this sausage a fragrant taste, predominantly thyme.

Ideas for serving

To satisfy the carnivorous instinct of your guests at aperitif time, a charcuterie platter is essential. The herb sausage is served very well in slices on fresh bread. Accompany with old-fashioned Dijon mustard, or even a fig compote, with a dish garnished with small pickles. The texture and taste of this sausage go wonderfully with goat cheese, on a rusk or slices of toast. Serve it diced in a green salad, with fresh herbs, for even more flavor!

Conservation tips

Some time before using the herb sausage, consider taking it out of its packaging, and wait a little before tasting it. The ideal storage of a sausage is in a dry, well-ventilated place. The most suitable temperature is between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius. When the ambient air is charged with slight humidity, you will keep sausage longer if it is wrapped in a cloth. Regularly replace the damp cloth. Allergenic elements Since the manufacture of sausage uses a lactic fermentation process common for dry sausage, it is not suitable for people with lactose sensitivity.

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