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Pure natural pork sausage made from at least 80% lean meat. French meat. The sausages are 180 grams more or less and are offered to you linked in pairs like on our drying racks.

Plain pure pork dry sausage with a minimum of 80% leanness. This sausage has reached a drying time of at least 21 days, so it is offered to you dry or very dry. It is composed of pork, salt, spices and aromatics, ferments. We make our sausages in natural pig casings. All our sausages are covered with a beautiful noble white flower.
Allergen: Lactose

Dry sausages exist in thousands of varieties in France. It takes its name from the Latin word salsus, which means “salty”. The Gallo-Roman period marks the beginning of its manufacture. Easy to store and transport, dry sausages are eaten regularly during picnics, aperitifs, etc.

How do you recognize a good dry sausage?

A "good" sausage is not too soft. Excellent quality sausages contain at least 80% lean pork, and 20% fat, which is very white. “Pure pork” meat is a guarantee of superior quality. This means ham, usually the pork's thigh, or the long one (which is found on either side of the animal's spine), and fat from the pig's back, also called the bardière. As for the casing, it is made with the intestine of the pork.

The great subtleties of an aging process

In addition, a "good" dry sausage must show visible signs of aging. The work of time, during the drying period of the product, manifests itself on the exterior appearance of the sausage, by a white or slightly grayish powder. It is not a question of naively (and wrongly) thinking that this powder comes from a flourish, which would be pure bluster! The subtlety of the aroma, the special flavor of dry sausages, comes from what is called the "white flower". This white substance is a bacterial growth that occurs on the surface of the sausage, much like the bacterial cultures found in yogurts and cheeses. These microscopic organisms not only help make dry sausages taste great, but they also keep them safe. Dry sausages are salted, fermented, and sometimes even smoked.

The art of the sausage maker

Tasting a good dry sausage is a bit like enjoying a magnificent work of art. There is a whole ancestral know-how in each slice of this delicious product. The art of making sausage cannot be mastered by snapping your fingers! On the contrary, it requires a lot of courage and self-sacrifice. Manufactured by a sausage maker, also called a salaisonnier, and craftsman of ancestral techniques dating back to the Greeks and Romans, dry sausages are very popular with the French. They remain major consumers

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